Considering a Career in Healthcare: PA vs NP

PA vs NP: Is there a large salary gap?

First off, if you're considering a career in healthcare, congratulations! This is a rewarding career path that is proving to have a bright future in terms of demand. With over 100,000 jobs (and growing!) posted every year for both PAs and NPs, the opportunity to make a great living is out there.

Based on current data, you can expect a fairly even compensation range so don't let salary be a large factor in your decision of which is the better career path for you. Data shows that a Physician Assistant will make around $112,000, while Nurse Practitioners make about $109,000 on average. These salaries are almost three times the median salary for all other occupations.

It is crucial to note that the different specialties within these professions can cause significant variances in terms of pay.

You will want to do your research on areas of specialization to determine a more accurate salary expectation for your career path.

Understanding the Difference: Which path is right for you?

To understand the roles of a Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant, it is best to do a PA vs. NP comparison. Our friends at linkPAs are dedicated healthcare recruiters, and they understand the nuances of these closely related job titles, click here to read Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant [Key Differences] and learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an NP vs a PA.

Finding a job can be stressful. So can properly managing your income. You can't be expected to learn everything in PA School.

PA wellness is directly linked to the level of financial literacy. This is one of the reasons why PA 4 Finance was created, to help PAs better manage their income, debt and investment options. We are here to help! Starting a new job is the perfect time to establish new financial goals and a plan for success!

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