Are Hospitals Even Hiring?

If ever there was a tumultuous time to enter the work force, it would definitely be in 2021! As an experience PA and financial expert dedicated to working with healthcare professionals, notably PAs that are graduating from PA school, I am fielding many calls about the current state of affairs. The good news is, yes, hospitals are hiring!

“… we have seen is a profound and dramatic shift in the way employers are approaching their hiring process. The need for strong Physician, PA, and NP candidates continues. Recently, hospital decision-makers started to predict a hiring increase in early 2021.” linkPAs

It is possible for a new grad to find their dream job right out of school, but it takes some planning and a bit of insight into the healthcare hiring process. We often recommend that you work with a dedicated healthcare recruiting agency, like linkPAs, so you can find (and land!) a great job the first time!

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